Our Mission

Cross Factor Academy is an urban, STEM-based coeducational Preschool through Grade 12 day school located in Boston. We are fully integrated culturally and socio-economically and seek to unleash students to reach their high places —spiritually, academically, and in service to others. 

Who We Are

Our Vision: Where We Are Going

Our vision for CFA is to be a supportive, urban, interdependent, educational community that unleashes Students, Parents and Teachers to reach their high places- Spiritually, Academically and in Service to others. 

These high places include:  

  • Extraordinary achievement in all subjects, but especially in STEM based subjects being the norm for all students.
  • A school that has exemplary Preschool to 12th grade college preparation.
  • A community where its members enjoy God, hear what He has for them to do, and feel empowered to go and do it.
  • A place where students feel and share genuine love for others. 

Our Educational Philosophy

Cross Factor Academy strives to provide opportunities, both in and out of the classroom, for students to acquire a strong, positive self-image and to develop appropriate social, academic, and decision-making skills. Treated as individuals, students of varying levels of achievement are accepted and encouraged to develop according to their potential. Each student is taught the value of learning from one another as well as with one another. CFA provides a stimulating educational environment designed to nurture and enhance the experience of learning together. 

Along with a complete academic, physical, and social program, CFA preserves a spiritual influence. This influence allows opportunity for student exposure to a personal understanding of faith in God. While CFA preserves a spiritual influence, it is not parochial in nature. Students from all backgrounds and beliefs are encouraged to attend. 

Through our balanced educational program, children will learn to respect and care for themselves. This is accomplished through a physical fitness program, science, health, and other curriculum supplements. Sportsmanship and personal integrity are an important part of the total curriculum and are fostered through the physical education program, which stresses life principles such as cooperation, fair play, and the ability to handle success and failure in addition to physical fitness. 

For a child to function as a balanced, productive member in society, he/she must first have a healthy self-concept. CFA strives to develop the child’s ability to interact with peers and adults in both a structured and unstructured setting. CFA believes that reinforcing positive behavior, attitude, and accomplishment are essential to a child’s social development. 

Our Approach

Our difference is not in what we teach, but how we teach it. We accelerate learning by starting early and challenging students at the highest level.   

  • Emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) With declining degrees awarded in STEM majors and representing fewer than 10% of the STEM workforce, improving science and technology education is a high priority on the nation’s educational agenda. Using their strong backgrounds in math and science education, MIT graduates Rev. Dr. Michael and Crystal Dixon are committed to closing the achievement gap by actively engaging students with real-life problems and research, and those who are doing it, such as MIT researchers working on the Mars mission. 
  • Accelerated Learning Paradigm Our accelerated curriculum is designed to make extraordinary academic achievement seem ordinary. Students are exposed to small portions of difficult concepts spiraled over a long period of time. For example, to help students master calculus, we start teaching it in the first grade, and allow the students to see it over and over every year in increasing complexity. Third graders learn the concepts of derivatives and integrals by understanding the relationship between a marathon runner’s position and time. 

What We Do To Reach Our Vision

CFA seeks to accomplish its vision by creating a Christian urban school environment where Extraordinary achievement is seen as Ordinary.  That environment is achieved by our founding “X- Factors”. 

CFA utilizes a form of accelerated learning called X Factor developed by Rev. Dr. Michael Dixon, CFA’s current Head of School. Rev. Dr. Michael Dixon was able to do this type of acceleration at the Advanced Placement level in Math and Science at a Boston Public District High School, for which he received a Seimens/College Board AP Teacher of the Year award, and which contributed to the school receiving an Inspiration Award from the College Board. Following are the X Factors that characterize our students and the learning environment that makes them uniquely prepared to positively impact the world around them. 

  1. Exalting God in what and how they do what is set before them,   
  2. Exposure to new ideas and concepts about their world,
  3. Experience- using prior knowledge to understand new material,
  4. Excitement - about learning and completing what they start,
  5. Excellence- in all they do.
  6. Exploration – valuing discovery and research of new concepts.
  7. No Excuses - not saying “I can’t,”
  8. Extinguishing fear - to develop academic risk takers,
  9. Examination - Having students examine themselves and problems closely to know where they are BEFORE they start.
  10. Becoming Experts - able to exhibit a high degree of skill in subject content and problem solving,
  11. Able to Expound what is learned to others,
  12. Exchanging ideas to support and sharpen one another,
  13. Exhibiting Courage to try new things,
  14. Exercising what they know (practice) through missions in a way where they can grow strong,
  15. Extraordinary - Exceeding what others might think they are capable of by God’s strength.  


Rev. Dr. Michael Dixon, Head of School

Michael was born in Chicago, IL and graduated from Morgan Park HS. He received his PhD in Education: Curriculum and Instruction from Boston College in 2002. He is a 1988 Physics graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has a Master of Divinity with a concentration in  Christian Education from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.  

He taught AP Physics and Calculus full-time at the Jeremiah E. Burke HS from 1999-2003, and was one of 18 teachers throughout the US selected to receive the 2002 Siemens Award for Excellence in AP Teaching, sponsored by Siemens and the College Board. He served as an assistant professor at Gordon College from 2003-2005, a private liberal arts college in Wenham, Massachusetts. He has also worked as an instructor for the MITE2s (Minority Introduction to Engineering and Entrepreneurship) at MIT and the College Bound Program at Boston College.  

He currently implements his accelerated math and science curriculum at Cross Factor Academy, With over 27 years of teaching experience in math and science, he  specializes in high academic achievement for minorities and inner-city youth in math and science, research he has presented at the American Educational Research Association national conference. He loves science fiction, especially Dr. Who and Star Trek, and spending time with his wife and 6 boys.

Email: mdixon@crossfactor.org